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Through Night And Day

Through Night And Day

Creative writing, poetry about the journey of a person who struggled with depression.

Jane B.

Akin to entrapment 
In cage of sorrow damp
With strands of slumber threading through
My mind didn’t know how or why
But nowhere was there a lamp

I saw a friendly person kind
Through the dark with a flame in hand
I ran away from my own mind
In the snow to fall and land
It beckoned me then with a healing touch
Oh so soft and warm
Licking away at the darkness which
Upon my brain would swarm.

Then the warmness went with the wind
And left me with a minute of cold
And as the fire rose again
The embers seemed so different
I hid behind a rock for 
the minutes to come easier

And when I went to it again
It warmed me for a long long time
I found the darkness, threw it out
Of my relieved, dear mind
I wouldn’t want to see it
That flame in cold again,
It helped me so much to find some light
But not without much strain

The day dawned again at last
The colour bled slowly into the sky
My mind felt free, devoid of chains
Finally, again,
The pen which wrote my sorrows
Ran out of ink by now, 
But still blots the page once upon a time
But the spots now barely show
I fight against the urge to,
Slash the page of my life with it every day
Sometimes once upon a while, I scream at my dismay
Stronger with the second though 
I fight it all the same 

A thousand different souls in night
Waiting for the shine of sweet daylight
Don’t stay there, run away and fight
Against the demons you command
And find a flame, 
In the cold dark night
To help you with a little light.


With the creation of this poem, I’d like to mention that none of the experiences in the poem are my own, I have not struggled with a mental health issue of any kind ‒ this is simply an experience of someone who has gone through depression put into the words which I felt were appropriate to describe it and the process of healing- this piece was made with their consent and approval through every part of the process, they have chosen to have themselves anonymous and therefore I will respect their privacy.

Thank you,
Jane B.

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