Secret Battles


Secret Battles

Savannah Lobo

Am I here?

Am I there?

Seems like I’m stuck

In my own head.


I just can’t be myself.

I feel like I need some help.

All these thoughts are too loud.

I feel like I’m shutting down.


I can’t think,

I feel numb.

I don’t know what’s going on.


I’m stuck in my predicament, 

Something that I have created, 

I have no recollection of what I’ve done.

‘Cause it feels like I’m numb. 


It’s a battle in my head. 

And I just can’t sort it out. 

My emotions are going insane. 

Somebody get me outta my brain. 


There is this little girl in my head,

She just wants to come out and make friends.

Then there is an old man coming out,

He just wants a chance to find love. 


How am I meant to let them out?

When the whole world is going to judge?

My only way out is by putting up a front. 


This “baddie,” you know,

She ain’t the one. 

She is like a mystery to be discovered. 

Calm on the outside but a war-zone inside. 


The real one is hidden in the depths of my skin. 

To reach there, you’d have to go deep within! 

She struggles, you know.

Her personalities are controlling her. 


She can’t fight them off, 

Seems like she ain’t that tough. 

But you can’t judge when you don’t know. 

You haven’t been her, you know. 


Don’t try to act like you know. 

When you only say it’s a show. 

Trust me, it has hit an all time low. 

Instead give some support. 


Am I here?

Am I there?

You say it’s all in my own head. 

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