our mission

Fed Up is a youth movement which centralizes the most harrowing problem of today, yesterday, and tomorrow: silence.

With nearly one-tenth of all adolescents afflicted by eating disorders – and twice that for mental illness at large – tucking oneself into the recesses of reticence is the most potent barrier between suffering and recovery, dark and light, regressing and becoming. In this silence has arisen a tacit stigma surrounding body image and self-perception, subjects which has at a time been at the forefront of art, medicine, and myriad other fields as humans sought with such innocuous curiosity who and how they were. Now enveloped in the pits of taboo, many, adolescents especially, find themselves compromised by a searing silence, the hiss of a radiator which lets unfurl a stifling heat amidst an already polarized climate.

To reinstate focus on teens’ relationships with themselves and others, Fed Up seeks to shed light on what have become all too overlooked issues, namely in the realm of the likes of anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, and other prevalent disorders which infiltrate the masses. Born of the COVID epoch, the enterprise caters to all willing to listen and hopes to cradle a generation of listeners – global citizens who seek to listen not to respond, but to understand. Drawing on the work of innumerable organizations which have presented robust support for the adult realm of eating disorders, Fed Up is here for those visionaries of tomorrow who join the ranks of a notoriously vulnerable age group.

However vulnerable, however susceptible, Generation Z stands in an imperturbable solidarity which can be ruptured only be abstention.

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