Fed Up is an international organization encompassing dozens of people from a myriad of backgrounds, all united under a common mission through Fed Up. Because of the virtual nature of something as international as Fed Up, chapters are being founded as a way to provide spaces to bring that environment into real-life.

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Khawaish Gulati

Khawaish Gulati

Khawaish is an avid innovator with extensive experience in innovation and business-themed competitions and a recognized leader who has played a key role in the organization of major events of varying sizes. At heart, she is an artist and an excited learner and like to actively engage in the enhancement of my knowledge. Apart from Fed Up, Khawaish has co-founded a peer learning platform named Tangled.

Vaishnavi Jaiswal

Vaishnavi Jaiswal

Vaishnavi is a 15 year enthusiastic and curious girl. Her main interests lies in the field of sciences. She is a hardworking high student, a public speaker, debater and Writer. She also has many prior volunteering experience. Some of her hobbies are - swimming, writing and her interests also lies in dancing.

Rashon Tendai

Rashon Tendai Matienga

Rashon is an ambitious guy who, through his life experiences in Zimbabwe, wants to bring positivity in all aspects and areas of life to all the young people in the world.

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