While Fed Up is a community of artists dedicated to disseminating hope and awareness about mental illness, we are also a cohort of do-ers, transforming our words into action, the crux of any organization. One of the primary ways we execute our mission is via fundraising. By raising donations or holding lucrative events, we not only spread awareness about our mission and cause but create opportunities for future generations. Our fundraising endeavors will primarily be centered around collecting funds for mental illness-related research and clinics, as well as direct donations for organizations contributing to low socioeconomic populations.

As more awareness about issues related to mental health and eating disorders surface, medical solutions are necessary to combat these disorders. Fed Up supports scientists, clinicians, and research steadfast on combating mental health conditions. Research areas include, but are not limited to, basic neuroscience, genetics, service, and mental health disparities. The majority of our donations will go towards research at Johns Hopkins Medicine, namely the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins.

Mental Health Clinics, along with research, are paramount for mental health patients to receive treatment services from a variety of mental health professionals such as therapists and psychiatrists. Clinics provide patients the opportunity to receive individual or group therapy, have their community services streamlined, or apply for assistance programs. Allocating funds to Mental Health Centers and Clinics keep these services afloat and capable of providing services vital to our mission.

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