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The Fed Up team is always on the lookout for new recruits to join its ranks, with the only requisites being a passion for our cause and a willingness to commit the time and effort necessary to complete projects and collaborate with the rest of the team. That being said, regardless of your location, level of experience, or potential talents, there is always a place for you on this team!

If this is the lane you desire to walk, the doors ahead of you open up to extensive realms of creative and intellectual possibility. Every writer is required to commit to at least one piece per month (although more will never be declined!) of academic, journalistic, or creative technique, to name a few. Each month begins with a brief proposal to the group’s director, based on which drafts are developed, with the sustenance of the editing team. Pieces cover a variety of topics, all pertaining to mental health and its manifestations, and span a variety of formats, from the brief narrative to the detailed poem to the thorough analysis.

The editing team collaborates closely with the writing team, since both groups are working towards the same final yield — so if the prospect of reviewing and proofreading the work of your fellow Fed Up peers intrigues you, this is a potential home for your talents! After the writing team produces its first round of drafts, all the pieces fall into the hands of the editing team for about a week, a time during which every assigned editor-writer pair (or trio, depending upon the circumstances) communicates extensively to preserve that delicate balance of technical flawlessness and personal originality while walking the line towards final submissions.

An eye for the aesthetic and, preferably, some personal experience with the practice of fine or digital art, would serve you well, if you choose to join the ranks of the art team! In regular intervals, the directors of the art team call for the submission of an artwork, often based upon an open-ended prompt released prior. Although the majority of the pieces are drawn digitally, those who make their adventures in fine art are more than welcome to submit designs — all of which will later be employed to assist in the fluidity of our website, posts, and/or videos.

Upon joining the web development team, your task is to contribute to the elegant, appealing design of the website before your eyes right now, to build the technical transitions from different parts of the website through various features. If website design and/or organization is your forte, then please, do not hesitate to become a part of this team, which takes each and every hour of effort and talent put in by the members of the other groups and transforms a simple PDF or JPEG file into a gallery of displays that the public can inhale.

Social media is increasingly becoming the voice of the generation, so in order for the Fed Up concept to be successful — that is, utilized widely by the public to help ameliorate the unspoken, unheard, and overall unacknowledged presence of mental health disorders — we need a marketing team to popularize our organization! Experience with platforms including Instagram and Twitter makes you a viable candidate for the marketing team, where the members of the group put their heads together to conjure up ideas for posts, tweets, and even YouTube videos, enabling the work of every other team to reach the masses.

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Fed Up is an international organization encompassing dozens of people from a myriad of backgrounds, all united under a common mission through Fed Up. Because of the virtual nature of something as international as Fed Up, chapters are being founded as a way to provide spaces to bring that environment into real-life. 

The responsibilities that accompany starting up a chapter would encompass everything from fundraising to regular meetings. For some it might be overseeing discussions with classmates, coordinating art created with our broader online community and hosting regular meetings to connect, create and express. For others, it might look like championing Fed Up at organized fundraisers such as bake sales, coffeehouses and talent shows. 

Chapters don’t have to look like organized groups in a school – they can be organized in conjunction with local community centers, organizations, or in a dining room over Tuesday night pizza. So long as regular meeting places are established through the school year (or beyond)and open communication with the organization is maintained, chapters are an excellent way to take on a leadership role (and potential service hours!) within your community that is focused on growth, eating disorders, and mental health at large. 

To get involved, contact us at for more information about what a potential role will entail as well as how to apply. Any effort is valuable and commendable, and we’ll be right here to welcome you into our community when you’re ready to!

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