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Tucked into any given teacher’s drawer of confiscated accolades might be Pokemon cards, cootie catchers, and other illicit substances which find themselves circulating in round robin. Somewhere wedged far into the depths of the drawer, perhaps less conspicuously, are the bits and pieces of mental health which have been strewn about the realm of academia. As per 2012 data from the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, one of four schoolchildren is suffering from a mental illness which registers on the DSM-V spectrum. Such staggering numbers would seem an undoubted cri de coeur. Nevertheless, such cries for help are greeted by inordinate inequities in mental health provisions. Only one-half of schools are connected to professional mental health and counseling services. Especially poor is eating disorder education, largely a reactionary force to the stigmatization of sugar in light of the ongoing obesity epidemic.

The big idea: “something’s gone wrong” . Schools worldwide aren’t adequately addressing salient mental health issues. To remedy these unrequited pleas for help, Fed Up is at the helm of an extensive network of education programs among elementary and middle grade students. Whether their mentorship program manifest in fiery legislative reform to press for greater wealth of literature on eating disorders or, alternatively, in-class seminars on the intricacies of body image, Fed Up’s mentorship program seeks to instill within schools a newfound acknowledgment of long-held taboos. Chapter-wide, high schoolers are connected to elementary counterparts in order to stimulate discussions on what recovery means. Gruff teachers continue to stand before students  to enumerate the pitfalls of ice cream, thereby casting what is often a lifelong animus for ice cream – which can soon be generalized to dessert, then to sugar, then to any “fear” foods. 

Put simply, Fed Up understands that clipping the roots is deadlier than making topiaries by trimming around the hedges. Preventative not rehabilitory. Or maybe we are just big fans of ice cream. 

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