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Be There

An outlet urging individuals to reach out to loved ones who may be struggling. Be There gives tips on how to reach out and support someone battling with their mental health status.

ED Referral

A website site that is simple-use and comprehensive so that the process of finding help for eating disorders will be as easy and pain-free as possible.

The Trevor Project

Founded in 1998, The Trevor Project provides resources for suicide prevention among youth within the LGBTQ+ community. Includes free 24/7/365 crisis counseling, ensuring confidentiality through the entirety of the process.

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA)

Works to bring awareness to mental health within the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Provides resources, blogs and other services to bring insight and awareness to current events.


Mental Health First Aid

MHFA is an online course designed to educate individuals on topics relating to mental health and the effects of substance misuse. The goal of instructors and learners is to spread awareness in mental health, ensuring mental health services are available to everyone.

It Gets Better Project

This project shares impactful stories from many individuals involved in the LGBTQ+ community. The goal of these stories is to give hope to struggling youths in the future, ensuring that there are resources available to fit all of their needs.


Addresses health and social issues experienced by American Indian and Alaska Native teens and young adults. Contains fun activities and informative services to shed light and provide knowledge relating to the struggles put forth onto Native youth.

Black Emotional and Mental Health

BEAM uses education to eliminate the barrier Black people feel when searching for mental health services. This organization is dedicated in providing resources for marginalized communities to receive emotional healing to their fullest extent.

National Deaf Therapy

Provides easy access to mental health services for individuals with impaired hearing. Able to link everyone with therapists fluent in ASL to provide the help that is needed.

Center for Workplace Mental Health

Aims to provide knowledge for employers on supporting mental health in the work environment. Both employers and employees can implement the given information to create a healthy work place.

Therapy for Latinx

Therapy for Latinx was created to make the process of finding a therapist much easier. It is aimed for the Latina community to be matched with a therapist with similar cultural backgrounds to fully understand and provide for specific needs.

Active Minds

This organization is designed to educate teens and young adults into debunking the negative stigma on mental illnesses. Active Minds is prevalent across 800 college campuses, urging students to talk about their mental health instead of ignoring its presence. 

Therapy for Black Girls

Dedicated to ensuring mental wellness among a marginalized community, Therapy for Black Girls works to de-stigmatize mental health. They work to achieve this goal by creating a community among the users, providing blogs, therapists, podcasts, and other services to ensure everyone is getting the help they need.

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

Organized to bring attention to mental health services in re-evaluating and analyzing the process of healing justice in ways that everyone feels included. The main goal of the NQTTCN is to ensure accessibility to mental health aid for people of all backgrounds.

Therapy for Black Men

To combat the idea of toxic masculinity and stigma on mental health, Therapy for Black Men makes looking for a therapist easy and accessible. This service provides a directory for Black Men to find therapists in their area that are able to fulfill their needs to the fullest extent.

Asian Mental Health Collective

The mission of the AMHC is to normalize and de-stigmatize mental health in the Asian community. To do this, AMHC provides resources and blogs that share information on the importance of talking about mental health.

Eating Disorders Review

The Eating Disorders Review uses articles to inform individuals on the different kinds of eating disorders and their treatments. The goal of this organization is to provide information for those who may struggle with an eating disorder and give tips that can be implemented to their daily lives.

Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders

This website drives the movement of marginalized communities and their struggles with eating disorders. Through research, education, and media visibility, TFFED works to make ED treatment accessible, affordable, and effective.


Balanced Black Girl

This podcast is designed to help viewers feel their best. Balanced Black Girl Podcast invites Black women health experts to discuss topics including self care, health, and personal wellness.  

Let’s Talk Bruh

The Lets Talk Bruh Podcast discusses a wide variety of topics with a sole focus on Black Masculinity. In this podcast, they engage in topics relating to mental health and therapy, black male privilege, and societal impacts on their community.


La Cura

Seemingly a casual conversation between two friends, the La Cura podcast holds insightful conversations between two daughters of Latinx migrant mothers. The podcast discusses their personal experiences growing up and how it affects them and their parenting today.

Let’s Talk About It- Bringing the Mental Health Stigma Down

This informative podcast tackles all things mental health. It works to bring down the stigma towards mental illnesses and how to treat it.

The Eating Disorder Recovery Project

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Janean Anderson goes in depth with all different kinds of eating disorders. She discusses the psychology behind each disorder while providing information through her own personal experiences as well.

The OCD Stories

Created in 2015, The OCD Stories has gathered a large audience interested in the topic of OCD treatment. The goal of the podcast is to share experiences and advice to work towards treatment and a healthy lifestyle.


The Worry Games

The Worry Games Blog is designed for individuals having anxiety disorders, and sends the message that people with anxiety should not believe something is wrong with their brains. The purpose of the blog is to provide information and insight, making sure the reader does not feel alone or out of place.

Time To Change

This site contains a collection of blog posts from people struggling with depression. Through these posts, the bloggers hope that readers will be able to break the stereotypes of mental illnesses, and find a community within these posts.


Project Heal

Project Heal believes that everybody struggling with their mental health should be able to receive quality treatment without worrying about costs. Their mission is to raise money to offer treatment grants for individuals wishing to recover from eating disorders that can’t afford treatment. The website consists of different blog posts of individual experiences and informative articles on mental health and eating disorders.


Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do

A professor of psychology a Stanford University and expert on unconscious racial bias, Jennifer L. Eberhardt writes a novel studying societal impact on the Black Community. The novel discusses topics regarding race relations and criminal injustice.

My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and Bodies

Including many stories from different eras, author Resmaa Menakem shares his view on how racism shaped America today. He focuses on psychology behind the body and mind experiencing trauma, his message and advice helping readers mend their minds of the marginalized racism.

The Racial Healing Handbook

This novel focuses on coping with the racial discrimination that is presented to many people in their everyday lives. The author focuses on giving tips and re-educating readers on the history of racism to eliminate the feeling of shame many hold onto when being discriminated against.

Healing Traditions: The Mental Health of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

While the Aboriginal people have very diverse cultures, they have all experienced similar social hardships that impacted their mental health. The Mental Health of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada explains the hardships that these groups experienced, as well as the ways they overcame these challenges.

From the Ashes

From the Ashes tells the story of the author, Jesse Thistle. He is met with many hardships throughout his life including drug abuse and homelessness, however the main message of the story shows how he overcame these struggles to restart his life. 

The Disappearing Sister

This novel takes a new approach to the traditional first person story struggle. The story shows how a family works together to help heal the big sister who is struggling with an eating disorder.


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